New Capture One is out

Thomas Fitzgerald writing @ A Photography Blog:

Capture One 12.1 is out with a couple of enhancements Thomas Fitzgerald is talking about. His  review will be coming soon. In the mean time, this is what Capture One has for us:

New Grids Tool

Improved X-Trans rendering (Pro, Pro Fujifilm, Express Fujifilm)

Improved Fujifilm tethering (Pro, Pro Fujifilm)

Extended AppleScript functionality

Improved Overlay controls

And then there is a whole new product designed for entreprise users: Capture One Studio

This contains tools for those working with large commercial products, such as shopping catalogues etc (think Argos catalogue) and includes automation tools and similar features. This is a specific version for specific markets, and not something most photographers will be interested in I would imagine, however if you are in the target market, then I'm sure this is useful. Here is the official description...

If you work with Fuji (or Sony) camera’s you might be better off with a dedicated version of Capture One available with a 50% discount.